Friday, June 12, 2009



Tara and I had so much fun, well...we always have so much fun when we are together LOL...we wanted to play dress up and drink margaritas, mine being virgin of course.

Here are a couple more....




Talk about good friends! This is what is all about!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a Good day all in all.

Just had a swell day is all.
Got the car cleaned up.
Got some well needed laundry finished.
Deep Cleaned (and well needed) the bathroom.
My tub looks imMACulate.
I felt pretty accomplished....I am a susie homemaker ya know.

Had lunch ready for the "man" when he got home.
Spent some time running errands together :)

Sometimes we enjoy just being in each others presence so while he's on his computer photoshopping friends faces on dwarfs, I watch my new favorite movie twilight while trying not to fall asleep.

Then a nice walk with the little boy to try to keep in shape.
And finally we come home make some home made pizza and watch american idol toghether :)

A great day...I KNOWWWW!!! lol

I am a very lucky girl to say the least.
Brandon is more then just a charmer, comedian and uber good looking.
He is a provider, protector, and more importantly mine.
If I don't thank God enough...THANK YOU GOD for bringing such an amazing person, man, best friend into my life.
I am truly blessed.

Just wanted to share our first photograph together =] aww the weird stage!
He worked at walmart, I worked at shoneys...and we did play LOTS of yatzee =]

Now before I get too sleepy, I have been waiting all day for my "read before bedtime time" =]...New far its awesome!

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goals in the next month.

I hope to find a dress!
I hope to gather a guest list!
I'm hoping for maaaaybe a good find in a caterer....

I'm hoping!

I am VERY excited tho about the trip to the zoo this weekend...i dont think anyone realizes how often my parents HAD to take me to the zoo growing up. It's one of my fondest I hope to bring into my future kids life.

Which got me thinking....what will my kids look like, this is the answer I got...


I DID have blonde hair when I was a kid so maybe he will grow out of it too!!

That was fun, and now that I have forgotten the original reason for this blog...Ima go make a Devon of course to see what she would look like :)


Awwww...what cute babies I will have one day!
LOL - my kids have some messed up mouths I will say !!

So I am going to bed...Nezzy is already falling asleep next to me poor thing!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Spent the day with my lovely friend Tara/Maid of honor!!


We found a davids bridal...that i would acutally wear!!!
And guess what!???!?!!??
Its not 3 grand! ACTUALLY!!!
Its 2500 LESS!

Daddy liked that part :)
I also found some cute matching bridesmaid dresses!

Plus just had fun being with my T.

Bad news is....I'm pretty sure my puppy has worms :(
I've been trying really hard to get rid of the fleas...I didnt think about just taking him in.
I figured I could do it my self and save some i wish i just took him in.
I love this dog...he's like my first kid.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Update :)

Nezerath is just a-growing :)


Don't know if you can tell, but daddy gave him a nice trim...he looks so good!!!

My boys in there usual spot.




Brandon loves our new TV, we just got a 32 inch LCD, its really nice, Nez just likes chilling with his daddy. At first I didn't think we should get a TV so soon, but Brandon is really good at finding good deals...he could almost make a living off something like that.


It's going, I'm going to meet with the site lady tomorrow and write a check for the deposit...YAY! Finally something getting done.

More Wedding Foto's/part 2

Just thought i would post some more photo's of our Maggie Valley Experience =]


The Lovely couple!


Us before Wedding...


Outside the country club


The cake...



....yes those are link and zelda toppers lol!

the dudes


Sunday, March 22, 2009


I moved all the photo's in my photobucket around into nice little neat albums...and now all the photo's i have posted in the past blogs are deleted...UGH!!!...ima have to go back and fix that...thats just going to bug me!!

I have some more wedding photo's but I am too tired to post any more!